Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some Updates and News!

I have some fairly exciting news/updates to share, so I figured they warranted at least a brief post!

First of all -  I finally took the plunge and bought a URL, so you'll now find the blog at (much easier to type in and remember!). However, all addresses for will automatically redirect to the current site, so no worries about any old links you may be following, although you may want to update any bookmarks/blogrolls if you wish :) Since the change was so recent, bear in mind that there might be a few kinks for the next day or so in terms of redirecting, etc (although I hope not many!). Please let me know if you experience any issues!

I also went ahead and added a "Translate" button to the blog for international readers - however, I have no idea of the accuracy of the translate tool, so hopefully it's actually useful :B (any bilingual readers, feel free to let me know)

And, last but not least - as a thank-you to readers and another way to plug some great companies... I'm planning on having a contest/giveaway near the end of the month (in just a couple of weeks) to celebrate the blog reaching 100,000 pageviews! There'll be some great prizes up for the lucky winners, so stay tuned for more details! :D

[Also, I've been updating the Blogroll page lately, so if you haven't given it a look in a while, check it out! There are lot of great new (and new to me) bra bloggers out there]


  1. Congrats about URL and 100 000 pageviews!
    And I'm sorry to inform you that 'Select Language' gives an empty list.

    1. Thanks! :) x

      Hmm, I wonder why that would be. I know I've had some trouble with seeing it in Internet Explorer. I'll check into it more!

    2. I'm using FireFox.

    3. Tried different version of FF (14.0.1) and got list of languages.
      Russian and Ukrainian are understandable, but lack grammatical agreement and gender endings of verbs are masculine and very rarely translation is incorrect (but still one can understand from context usually).

    4. Hm, thanks for checking! I wouldn't expect perfection from an online translator, of course... at least it's somewhat understandable, I suppose!

  2. Not with me I can translate it successfully, I’m using chrome though. The accuracy is what one expects from an automatic translator.
    That giveaway sounds nice, congrats on the views :)

  3. Congratulations on this milestone! <3

  4. The blogroll is burgeoning now! Great job keeping up! The new feeds are going in my reader right now!