Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Lingerie Christmas Wishlist

Yikes, this time of year is definitely busy (and full of peppermint candy... yum)! I haven't had as much time as I'd like to post, but I have several review and guest posts on the lineup - so stay tuned :)

With that in mind, here's a quick list of the top few lingerie items that I've been lusting over this Holiday season. What's on your wishlist?

1. The Cleo Zia Bra

Cleo by Panache bras are my newest love, and this new design is fresh, cute, and a little funky! Plus, it comes in 28-38 D-J. Want.

If you're interested in the Zia as much as I am - it sells on Butterfly Collection (10% off when you subscribe to their newsletter), Bravissimo, and Bare Necessities, and you can check out CurvyWordy's review!

2. Teal Tap Panties from Knickerocker

Image from Knickerocker
Typewriters? Lacy panties? Yes please.

Fancy some made-to-measure lingerie for yourself? You can win a $50 gift voucher to Knickerocker on The Full Figured Chest's Holiday Giveaway!

3. Ewa Michalak Mak Bra

Image from Ewa Michalak
I love the color of this bra. According to Google Translate, "Mak" means "Poppy Seed" in Polish, and I think the color is definitely reminiscent of a cheery red poppy. The website lists this as a CHP style, but I've also heard it can be made in PL...

Retails on Ewa Michalak's site for 109zl ($34.21).

4. Bravissimo Beau Bra in Jet/Emerald

Image from Bravissimo
I actually have the Beau bra in the old Red/Graphite colorway, and it's surprisingly comfy for how lacy a bra it is. Definitely an everyday bra in terms of comfort, but with a "special occasion" look!

And finally...

5. Batgirl Panties from Thinkgeek
Image from Thinkgeek

I have simple tastes, you guys. I'm a nerd. And these glow in the dark.

(You can also get a Wonder Woman assortment, if that's what floats your boat.)

In the mood for more holiday lingerie browsing? Take a look at Butterfly Collection's How to Prepare for Lingerie Sale Shopping, The Full Figured Chest's Indie Lingerie Holiday Gift Guide, Invest in Your Chest's Full Bust Christmas Lingerie Wishlist, and check out the "Create Your Christmas Wishlist" Facebook Contest from Brastop (runs through Dec. 12).


  1. The Mak Bra can be made as a PL???

    1. I totally remember reading about someone asking about it successfully, but I can't remember where! It's certainly worth emailing Ewa about... I'll see if I can remember where I heard.

    2. That was me! I emailed them today asking if it could be made in a PL style and they just said "In what size would you like that PL Mak?" I emailed them back with my size and address, and haven't heard back from them yet, but that obviously sounds like a yes to me! I hope they won't get mad at me if they get overwhelmed with PL Mak requests :P

    3. Oh, hooray! I knew I couldn't be making that up! Do keep us updated as to what they say - if it is a yes, that would be super amazing :)

  2. If I'm allowed to ask for the colours of the CHP bras made in the PL style... my bank account is doomed.

    1. Similarly! And oh dear, I hope I haven't raised any false hopes with my memory... now I'm really itching to know if it's truly a possibility!

    2. I said this in a comment above but I'm the one that asked for a PL Mak and all they said back was asking what size I'd want it in! :) My bank account is in trouble too!

  3. "Mak" means "Poppy Seed" and "Poppy Flower" in Polish )))
    Beautiful colour, indeed.
    And Zia is breaking my heart by its beauty which will never ever fit me.

    But I'll better stick to Panache )) (Loretta plunge?). And Lepel Fiore.

    1. Ah, that makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the explanation :)

      That's too bad about the Zia - is it a shape issue, or a size issue? At least you have some other bras that sound like they work! :)

    2. It's too major fit issues: wires are too narrow and center gore height isn't right for me, wires should be poking like hell (I need it to be either an inch lower or an inch higher). If it was only narrow wires I would consider size up a couple of sizes and then take in the cups, but center gore of this height is show stopper for me.

  4. I don't know what's worse: when I was in school and didn't have the money to buy many bras (but was a smaller size and had more options), or now, when I have the money but can't seem to find anything that fits. The last twenty or so bras that I ordered were all failures. I'm a bit frustrated, and really sick of ordering and then trying on bras, and then mailing them all back. There's no lingere on my want list because if I knew something that would work I'd be buying multiples of it for myself already. :(

    1. Oh, that must be so frustrating! :( I wonder if you just haven't found a brand that's clicked with you yet, or your size range needs tweaking? If you've been trying mostly Panache/Curvy Kate/Flirtelle, but need narrow wires, for example, that would definitely be an issue.

      If you haven't seen it yet, the subreddit seems like it's really helpful for posting questions and getting lots of advice - and it's easy to create an account just to ask questions.

    2. Last year, Elomi Cleo was a good daily bra for me, but it has been discontinued and I don't feel the same way about any of the current Elomi bras. Before that I enjoyed Prima Donna Madison for several years, before I sized out.

      Earlier this year, I thought I'd found happiness with Ewa Michalak, but I have three problems. First, I'm sized out of all the pretty new CHPs. Second, I'm currently between sizes where the staples are concerned: the bras which fit me perfectly in September are now about 1/4 cup too small. Third, I really prefer a full-cup bra for daily use. They're still the best bras I have at the moment though - CHP kurczak and CH purple in particular.

      I never really clicked with Curvy Kate - they're beautiful but the only comfortable ones were Thrill Me and Tease Me, and one of those is discontinued and the other I'm sized out of. Panache has never worked for me either - the underwires are too long. Cleo feels flimsy to me.

      I will try that link you suggested - it's a resource I wasn't familiar with. I just counted, and since September I've made 7 different orders and tried on 20 different bras which didn't fit. I get so sick of it.

      I guess my Christmas want would be to have the perfect bras appear in my closet and for the cost to be deducted from my bank account, all without me lifting a finger!