Friday, March 29, 2013

Musings on Bra Blogging

Sorry for neglecting you, my lovely readers.... I've been working on a rather exciting project, and hopefully you'll be seeing more about that soon! For the moment, a bit of musing...

I've been thinking lately how I've been seeing a number of great new bra blogs crop up, as well as watching older ones flourish and grow (I mean, just look at this awesome list!). There are so many sizes, shapes, and personalities represented throughout all these bra blogs, and I'm continually amazed at the variety! Still, there are some "gaps" - there are very few larger-banded bloggers, for example, and not many small-bust ones (and I can't think of any who are both!); there are also very few properly-fitted bra bloggers in the "commonly sold sizes" range of 32-38 A-DD.

So, what about you? Is your size, shape, and preference list represented in the bra blogging world? If not (or even if so), and you've felt the urge to write, why not start a blog?

"But I'm not blogger material!" you might say. I'll tell you a secret - there are about a billion random reasons that I've thought that I'm not "bra blogger material" either:

  • I'm not "girly" or "fashion-forward" enough - I generally dislike dresses and I rarely wear makeup.

  • I don't like wearing matching bra/underwear sets - they remind me too much of swimwear.

  • I'm not personally comfortable posting pictures of myself in lingerie online.

  • The majority of my bras are bought secondhand, and I can't afford to buy lots of new lingerie to review.

  • I'm nerdy, not up with the latest lingerie trends, and have to stop myself from posting about how much I want a Batgirl bra (okay, so I lied earlier. I would totally wear a matching Batgirl [or any superhero/heroine] bra/underwear set).

  • I'm not good at holding myself to a regular posting schedule.

  • Sometimes I really don't like my boobs. Or my body shape.

  • I don't have a bunch of "connections".

  • I've never been a professional bra fitter.

  • I hate shopping.

  • I don't know how to pronounce "Ewa Michalak".

But you know what? I realized that these excuses "reasons" are pretty silly things to keep me from blogging. Because I feel that I have something to say. Un-fashion-forward as I may feel, I have something to add to the community. All of us do, whether we love floral prints or not. There's no magical formula or set of rules that one must adhere to in order to blog about bras (or whatever else). And if you think you have something to say, why not say it?

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bra Links from Wales Roundup

I've been feeling pretty sick and uninspired this week (allergy headaches tend to do that), but since I've been on a roll with posting on Fridays, here's a quick little miscellany of Welsh bra-related links in honor of St. David's Day - a national holiday on March 1 in Wales, my "country of origin"! Random, I know, but just go with me here...

(Also, the [UK] Google Doodle today was pretty neat!)

A reporter from Wales Online goes undercover to test out the bra-fitting services of bra stores in Cardiff

Bravissimo has a location in Cardiff, although the reporter above apparently didn't visit (I think she would've had better luck if she had!)

Article on a new bra (made in Wales using 3D-measuring) called the "Optifit". Not sure how much of this article I agree with, but interesting all the same

Another article on the Optifit, this time from the Daily Mail - much more detail here. Still, I think a properly-fitting bra would really solve most of the issues that the Optifit aims to correct

Twitter joke that made me laugh (but most people probably won't get)

Not really sure why, but bra brand Lunaire has a bra called the Wales bra

Let's not forget that the first Curvy Kate Star in a Bra winner was the lovely Emma Tabor of Pembroke, Wales!

From WalesOnline - three women test out some 99p bras to see if they're at all worth wearing. The verdict seems to be yes, if you're in a pinch (and they have your size) notes that "the average British bra size has increased by three-cups (from a 34B to a 34DD) since 2010" according to a survey by Debenhams, although I suspect that this has mostly to do with more and more women getting into their correct size! Apparently, Wales has the biggest "gain" in the UK, with the "average" bra size going form 32C to 34E

The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama is offering a class in corsetry this summer - if only!

Speaking of corsets, here's some custom ones (featured at the Welsh Designer Show in Cardiff) by Victoria Whiteland

Really want some lingerie that says "Wales"? There's a corset on ebay just for you

You can't have this Welsh bra (at the bottom of the page) any more, though. It was sold for charity.

What about you? Seen or read any interesting or unusual bra-related stories or news this week?