Blog Contest PART 1 WINNERS!!

I announced the winners of Part 2 of my Blog Contest just a few days ago – and now it’s time to reveal the winners of Part 1: “Describe Your Dream Bra”! I had some truly awesome sponsors contribute to the prize pool for Part 1, so a huge thanks to Parfait by Affinitas, Curvy Kate, Cleo by Panache, Claudette, Butterfly Collection Lingerie, Enell, Large Cup Lingerie, A Sophisticated Pair, and Urkye for making this possible!

I honestly had a much harder time choosing out winners than I was expecting. There was quite a variety of entries, including poetry, different kinds of prose, and drawings that accompanied the descriptions! I loved how each of your “Dream Bras” were so unique – there were many similarities between some of the entries, but there were lots of things (like padding or moulded cups or lace) that some of you loved and others very specifically didn’t!

I truly wish I had prizes to give you all, because I really loved reading ALL of your entries! I’m hopefully going to post as many of your submissions in the coming few weeks that I can – one of my goals in having the contest was to help give a voice to the “bra dreams” and ideas of as many women as I could. You ladies definitely deserve to be heard!

So, I decided to pick 3 winners representing a mix of the types of entries (prose, poetry, art + prose) – and also 4 runners-up!

The 3 winners are:
Gabrielle H.
Lyndi M.
These lovely ladies will receive two prizes each!

And  the 4 runners-up, who will also receive a prize:
Allison B.
Erin A.
Natasha W.
Cass L.

Congrats, ladies!! Be on the lookout for an email from me! 🙂

Another big thanks to all who entered. You all are amazing! And –  I happen to know of a few other big blog contests that are upcoming in the near future, too, so I’ll definitely be sharing about those once they begin! 😀