Honey Babydoll Review [Guest Post by Erin]

Today’s guest post is from Blog Contest Winner Emily! She gives a review of the Honey Babydoll, provided by Parfait by Affinitas. Emily was clever enough to figure out an everyday use for this simply lovely piece of lingerie as well!

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I received the Honey Babydoll as a prize from Boosaurus’ dream bra writing contest (yay!). I’d been eyeing it for quite some time but held off on buying it as it is definitely not an everyday item for me. Needless to say, winning it was a real treat.

The customer service from Affinitas was great – it took just under a week for the babydoll to get here. When it finally arrived, it was just as pretty as I’d hoped. The lace is eye catching and looks utterly fantastic on the frilly straps. Normally I wear a size 28FF/G, but since Parfait doesn’t make 28’s, I ordered a size 30FF. It fits pretty well. In this case, the 30 band is just fine on my 27″ ribcage. The band fits snugly enough on the first hook, but best on the tightest. Since it’s not an everyday bra, I’m not too concerned about it being less tight than I prefer. It also fastens with three hooks, which was a first for me, and shockingly comfortable.  As far as the cups go, the shape is a bit off for me. The cups are too tall and too wide, and the straps are set too far apart for my narrow frame, so I experienced a bit of rubbing in my armpits. There is also a tiny gap under the strap. This makes me think a 28 band would be better in this style. Sizing down to a 30F could help, but I think the cups would not have enough depth in that size.

However, these fit issues were not enough to deter me from flouncing about the house in my underwear when my roommates were gone. For a few hours wear (for me), the babydoll is delightful. The shape it gives is lovely: rounded, but not overly so. The skirt part is soft and floaty, and I feel like a dreamy pixie while wearing it.

As far as functionality goes, it would be fantastic under dresses that don’t have too low of a neckline. The center gore is a bit high for super plunge-y dresses, but it fit just fine under my Urkye Skolowana dress. As for other outfits, I’ve been wanting to try the “underwear as outerwear” trend, so I came up with this. The shirt is my Urkye Kokarda top (in a 36o/oo), with the babydoll underneath, over skinny jeans. I wore it around the house for a while and really enjoyed it. It’s a bit too cold where I live for this one to make an appearance for a few months, but I might try it once the weather warms up.

Again, thanks so much to Boosaurus!